Rtech Distribution // BOLT
Founded in 2000 by the passion of their owners for everything that revolves around motorcycles, Bolt designs,
manufactures and distributes aftermarket mounting kit. Each package and product are precisely studied by analyzing the original with the aim to improve their characteristics, faithfully replicate the size and Bolt solutions provide customers with practical, useful and economical. Bolt examines each bike every year to verify and implememtare each item the necessary updates and make a product indispensable for every enthusiast.
Via Giotto, 3 - 33044 Manzano - Udine - Italy
Tel. +39.0432.1610100 - Fax +39.0432.755970
Iscr. Reg. Imp. UD , Cod. Fisc. e P. IVA IT 02413390309
R.E.A. UD -258841 Cap. Sociale 10.000 € i.v.
E-mail: info@rtechmx.com www.rtechmx.com

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